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Mold Making

WIT MOLD has an experienced team of manufacturing professionals, who choose mold making as their life-long career. Our manufacturing team is proud of being the manufacturer and having the ability to make various moulds for different kinds of products in different industries. It is very meaningful to create and manufacture the products, which bring more value and color to people's life. WIT MOLD manufacturing team devotes to "Mold Colorful Life"!

With full range of machining and measuring equipments, WIT MOLD is armed to make quality products. We treat our equipments like friends. We clean them daily, change oil on time, and calibrate them on schedule. WIT MOLD equipments are always maintained at optimum status, and ready to produce high quality work-piece.

The mold structure and actions that WIT MOLD is capable to manufacture includes,

Mold Structures:


Valve Gate

Hot Edge

Horizontal Valve Gate

Hot Runner

Hot-to-Cold Runner


Stripper Plate

Two Color

Two Material

Cold Deck or Cold Runner

Cold to Hot Runner

Fully Automated De-molding

Gas Assistance

In Mold Decoration (IMD) / In Mold Labeling

Insert Overmold


Hydraulic Core Pull

Hydraulic and Mechanical Unscrewing

Collapsible Cores

Mechanical Slides

Lift Mechanisms

Lift & Twist Mechanisms (for undercut release)

The high performance injection molds created by WIT MOLD blend Craftsmanship with Technology. They are products that combine innovation and artistry. We treat each mold like artistic work, and we enjoy the manufacturing every day.


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