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Customer-oriented Management

Customer-oriented management is the core value of WIT Mold. Our ultimate goal is to fully satisfy our customer's expectations. We are committed to meet customer needs and increase customer value which could be reflected in the basic principle, understanding customer's needs, quality, timing and pricing.

Basic principle

To always be honest and sincere to our customer is the basic principle of WIT Mold for long-term development. "At the most appropriate price, in the most appropriate time, to send the right products at the right quality level to the right place." At the beginning, we offer the most appropriate price. Upon accepting the order, we make our best efforts to successfully finish the project within the agreed time schedule. We keep our promises.

Understanding customer's needs

The regular training for the employees in WIT Mold includes fully understanding our customer's requirements and needs. So after communicating with the customer, we will know what quality level the customer needs, the required delivery time, cost budget etc. Then, according to the detailed information, WIT Mold will design the most suitable solution to meet these needs.

Guarantee the right quality level

Guarantee the good quality by Design Control, Engineering and Manufacturing Control, Quality Control.

1.Design control

There is a pre-design meeting between the manufacturing, project and design departments to work out the best solution for mould making.

Our 12 mould designers can finish the design tasks efficiently.

Every 2D and 3D design will be approved by the Design Manager who is highly experienced in mould making and the injection molding industry.

The design will be presented and fully communicated with the customer to secure their final approval.

2.Engineering and Manufacturing Control:

The project "team" will conduct the detailed analysis of the data and customer's requirements and pass to the design and manufacturing departments.

The senior engineer in the project team offers professional suggestions to the design department after comprehensive analysis of mould and injection material therefore enhancing the design quality.

Utilizing the right equipment to process the mould to reach the right precision and customer quality needs.

The qualified operators use best practices to guarantee the quality.

The senior engineer in project team will hep find the best solution to any problems which arise during production.

If the process does not meet the schedule, the project manager will coordinate a  team effort to bring the project back on track.

3.Quality control

Feasibility study (Mould Flow Analysis, etc)

Assure the high quality design (2D&3D)

Strictly control manufacturing quality

Carefull inspection of mould trial samples

Confirmation of dimensions and specification before mould shipment.

Most appropriate time

Working out an appropriate schedule for the project after knowing the customer's needs and striclty following this schedule.

Quick response to problems during manufacturing and solve them in a timely manner.

Quick response to Engineering Change Notices.

Most appropriate price

Senior engineer in the project team shall provide the optimized solution to save cost for the customers by assuring quality.

Quote engineer works closely with the project manager making careful calculations to provide the most appropriate price.

Enhance the supply chain management and monitor the material price closely.

Strengthen the internal management to minimize overhead expenses.

Our management objective is to increase efficiency and create value. With customer-oriented management we hope to make our customers satisfied.


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