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Injection Molding

WIT Mold's injection molding process engineers (Molding Engineers) have more than 10 years hands-on experience and have gained a wide range of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the injection molding process. Together with the "project team", they debug and qualify molds before releasing them for shipping or mass production.

We have 6 in-house injection molding machines ranging from 100 to 1000 tonnes clamping force. We also have a good partnership with nearby mold trial factories which are equipped with machines from 50 to 2000 tonnes including equipment for two-shot molding, gas-assisted injection molding, stack molds etc. which allows us to trial a wide range of molds and make samples for evaluation according to the customer's needs.

Before dispatching a mold, we can also arrange small batch production in-house as per your requirements. Also if necessary, the mold can run either dry cycle or with material according to the customers mold validation protocol.

Our mold trial service guarantees you will receive your mold ready for production.

Value-Added Services

In addition, with many valuable resources and networking contacts, we can offer our customers a number of value-added services to complete a project without employing additional vendors:

Mass production

Custom Packaging

In-Mold Decoration

Pad Printing

Silk printing

Ultrasonic Welding




WIT Mold can be your trustworthy partner. Our well-trained team can make all your expectations come true.


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