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[Automobile molding for sale China]The development of injection mold is worth more expectation

May 14, 2019

The development of injection mold is worth more expectation

In recent years, the injection mold in the entire mold industry compared to other products are developing rapidly, such as the Automobile part mould, the application is also increasingly widely, for the development of plastic mold has provided a more and more broad market, so how much do you know about its development trend?

(1) mold molding parts of the increasingly large and parts of the high productivity requirements of a mold cavity, leading to the increasingly large mold, large tonnage of large mold up to 100 tons, a mold hundreds of cavities, thousands of cavities, mold processing equipment requires a large workbench, increase the y axis and z axis stroke, large bearing, high rigidity, high consistency.

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(2) high dynamic accuracy. The static performance introduced by the machine tool manufacturer can not reflect the actual machining situation when the die is processed. The high precision machining of the 3d surface of the mould puts forward the requirement of high dynamic precision performance. The high speed and high precision can only be realized by the combination of high rigidity, thermal stability, high reliability and high quality control system of the machine tool.

(3) high hardness of mold steel material, mold processing equipment with thermal stability, high reliability.

(4) the fine processing of the injection mold by Metal molding manufacturer China attracts more attention for the complexity and high efficiency of the processing equipment. High speed milling has many advantages, such as high hard material, smooth processing, small cutting force, small workpiece temperature deformation and so on.

(5) for complex cavity and multifunctional composite mould, as parts of complicated shape, must improve the level of mould design and manufacture of a variety of groove, a variety of material in a mold forming or assemble components of multifunctional composite mould, requires large amount of processing programming procedures, with comprehensive Gao Shenkong cavity cutting ability and high stability, improve the processing difficulty.

In summary is the introduction of the development trend of injection mold related content, can see its overall trend is very good, no wonder more and more popular and loved by people.


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