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Classification of molds

Apr 11, 2019

Classification of molds

Auto Mould Manufacturers would like to share the Classification of molds for you.

According to the different casting systems, the molds are divided into three categories:

(1) large nozzle mold: the runner and gate are on the parting line, and the product is demoulded together when the mold is opened. It has the simplest design, easy processing and low cost, so more people adopt large nozzle system. Plastic mold structure is divided into two parts: moving mold and fixed mold. The moving part of the injection machine is the moving mode (mostly on the ejection side), and the inactivity of the injection end of the injection machine is called the fixed mode. Because the fixed part of the big water mouth mold is generally composed of two pieces of steel plate, it is also called "two plate mold". Two - plate die is the most simple structure of the large water mouth die.

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(2) fine nozzle mold: the runner and gate are not on the parting line, generally directly on the product, so to design a group of nozzle parting line, design is more complex, more difficult to process, generally according to the product requirements and choose fine nozzle system. The fixed mold part of the fine nozzle mold is generally composed of three steel plates, so it is also called "three plate mold". The three - plate mould is the simplest structure in the fine nozzle mould.

(3) the hot runner mold: Automobile Molding Manufacturer thinks this kind of mold is approximately the same structure and fine shuikou, the biggest difference is that flow into one or more of the temperature of heat flow but and heat pumping mouth, no cold feeding demoulding, runner and gate directly on the product, so the port don't need mold release, also known as no runner system, this system can save raw materials, applicable to the raw material is more expensive, high requirement of products, design and processing difficulties, mould cost is high. Hot runner system, also known as hot runner system, mainly consists of hot runner sleeve, hot runner plate, temperature control electric box. Our common hot runner system has two forms: single point hot runner and multi-point hot runner. A single hot gate is used to inject molten plastic directly into the mold cavity with a single hot gate sleeve. The multi-point hot gate is used to branch the molten material into each sub-hot gate sleeve and then into the mold cavity through the hot runner plate. It is suitable for single-cavity multi-point feeding or multi-cavity mold.

Through the above classification method is there a new understanding of the mold, I hope to help you.


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