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China mold export is stably increasing

Nov 10, 2014

Mould industry is taking a special position in manufacturing, the developmental level of mould industry determine the level of manufacturing industry. During the Twelfth Fiv-Year" period, The general target of strategic emerging industry advanced molding equipment industry is by developing intellectualized mold to carry out the improvement of overall level in efficiency, precision and performance, thus satisfy the “intellectualized manufacturing” then drive the improvement of strategic emerging industry service level, to improve the level of intellectualized mould, build the solid foundation for China step into the mould powerful nation in 2020.

In 2013, the total volume of mould import and export is 1.807 billion, year-on-year growth is 18.11%, speed up stably. Among the volume, import accounted for 0.686 billion, year-on-year growth is 14.42%; export accounted for 1.121 billion, year-on-year growth is 19.40%.

1. Sort by mold type, plastic and rubber mold export and import is accounted for 64.92% and 44.48%, stamping mold export and import is counted for 45.18% and 19.11%

2. Sort by export destination, China is majorly exporting mold to Hongkong, Unite States, Japan and Germany, export volume of them is 0.516 billion, it takes the volume of export for 46.07%

3. Sort by export origin, the most export is Guangdong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, shanghai and Yunnan, total export of them is 0.456 billion and account for 66.40% of total volume.

4. Sort by import destination, the most is Guangdong, Jiangsu, Yunnan, shanghai and Tianjin, total import is 0.456billion, accounted for 77.56% of total import

5. Sort by import origin, mold is come from Korean, japan, Taiwan, Germany and Italy, total import is 0.532 billion accounted for 77.56% for total import.

In the recent decade, china mold industry is keeping fast developing. In the future, china mold industry will develop towards the goal of more precision, complex, bigger on size, shorter on lead time, to better embody informatization, digitization, refinement and automation


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