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2014 Analysis of China mold industry development advantage

Oct 27, 2014

The global situation shows that the old development strategy by low cost production now is come to the end. New advantage of China mold industry is raising up and showing a good prospect.

What is the advantage of China mold industry?

1. The basis of mold industry is up-grading, more innovation, with the improving of education level and popularizing of vocational training, more and more bachelor and master enter this industry, the advantage of highly educated people is emerging.

2. The organizing and managing ability is improving, mold entrepreneurs is becoming experienced

3. Mold technology and industrial supporting ability is greatly improving, innovation success rate is getting higher.

4. The demand of market is vase, and the hierarchy of needs is raising, diversified market pattern is forming. The advantage of Chinese mold industry is transforming from ”low cost general manufacturing” to “low cost R&D” and “low cost complex manufacturing”

Among these advantage, “highly educated” sector can not be touch by common developing country, “low cost” area can not be touch by developed country, the overlapping area is where Chinese mold dash ahead and it is the breaking point China goes into Global market. Above is a conclusion drawn by analysis of current industry situation. And these advantage will last and effect mold enterprise in a long term.

International companies set their R&D department in China one after another, they just selecting on the “low cost, highly educated” human resource advantage of China. China Plstic Injection Mold enterprise must clear that the long term development driven by innovation is future trend, facing the situation filled with challenge and chance, how to understand, how to strategy is deciding the future of the enterprise.


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