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Printer Componen High Precision Injection Mold

Part function: Printer Plastic Part

Part Size: 46X410X47mm

Tool Size: 650X700X600mm

Part material: PP

Insert steel: P20

Cav. QTY: 1X1

Automobile Structure  Injection Mold

Part function: Component for Automobile

Part Size: 270X119X19mm

Tool Size: 500X550X315mm

Part material: PP

Insert steel: ORVAR SUPREME 8407 (H13 Equivalent)

Cav. QTY: 1+1

Package Injection Mould

Part function: Package Box

Part Size: 216X175X56mm; 218X177X9mm

Tool Size: 450X650X372mm; 400X650X278mm

Part material: PP

Insert steel: NAK80

Cav. QTY: 1X2

Hydraulic Cylinder Fitting Injection Mould

Part function: Component for Industrial Equipment

Part Size: 155X93X52mm

Tool Size: 450X500X390mm, excluding cylinder

Part material: PA66+GF

Insert steel: LKM2344 (H13 Equivalent)

Cav. QTY: 1X1


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