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Michael Wohlfarth

Jun 12, 2017

From: Michael Wohlfarth 

Time: 2017年6月8日 5:49

To: Mike Donlin

CC: Beta Jiang

Subject: WIT Mold Contact 

Good afternoon Mike,

Attached is my contact at WIT Mold in Shenzhen we discussed over lunch yesterday.  They are very capable and their equipment, personnel, and the shop itself is impressive.  Beta is what I would consider a very good project manager, extremely personable, and her English is also good.  She has handled every request I have had in a timely manner.  Their engineering and design staff is seasoned and what I would consider above average for an Asian lower cost shop.  If you have time on your next visit later this month I would highly recommend a tour.

Thank you,



Tel : +86-755-8622 5026

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Skype: wit.mold

Sales Office : Room 2304, the East building of HaiAn KaFuNuo, the intersection of ShenNan Road and QianHai Road, NanShan district, Shenzhen, China, Zipcode 518000

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