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Fuel Pump Component

Project Name:   Fuel Pump Component
 Export country:  German
 Mould sizes:  790 X 500 X 505mm
 Mould weight:  800kg
 Number of Slide:  N/A
 Weight of slide (each) :  N/A
 Wedge Nitriding:  N/A
 Part material:  POM
 Part weight:  19g
 Lead time:  50 days
 Trial times:  2

Mould type:   Production mold  
 Steel:  2344
 Mould base:  P20
 Hot Manifold:  YES
 Number of Cavity:  1*4
 Number of Lift:  N/A
 Number of Hydraulic:  N/A
 Interchangeable Inserts:  N/A
 Ejection:  Ejector pin
 Standard:  HASCO  EQV
 Surface treatment:  SPI-B2
 Special Structure:  4 sets expandable cavities; Latch locks

Plastic Injection Mold for Fuel Pump Component on AutomobilePlastic Injection Mold for Fuel Pump Component on Automobile

Injection Molded Plastic Part for Automobile Fuel Pump


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