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Polishing is a necessary step to build a good mold

Polishing is a necessary step to build a good metal mold. Generally,there are two purposes for polishing,one is to improve the aesthetics,the other one is to make the mould easy to fall off.


Following are the six ways to deal with the polishing:


1.Mechanical polishing : reach to a surface roughness of Ra0.008um

2.Chemical polishing : usually a couple of Ra10um

3.Electrolytic polishing : compared to the chemical one, electrolytic polishing could eliminate the negative effect of cathodic reaction;

4.Ultrasonic polishing : the cavitation effect of ultrasonic wave in liquid can inhibit the corrosion process, which is beneficial o surface lighting.

5.Float polishing

6.Megnetic abrasive polishing : high efficiency, good quality, the processing conditions are easy to control. With proper material, the surface roughness could be reached to Ra0.1um.


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