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Simple Preventive Maintenance greatly improves the life of your mold

Each time the mold is removed from the press you should perform the same type of cleaning plus some additional procedures.

1.  Before the mold is removed from the press the mold should be returned to room temperature - you do not want condensation to form on the mold and cause rust.

2.  All water lines should be drained and blown free of all residual water to avoid build- up of rust due to standing water. It is critical that no water be trapped inside mold. 

3.  The parting surfaces, core, and cavity should be gently cleaned with a mild, clean solvent and soft, clean towels to remove any residual dirt and grime. 

4.  The ejector system should be moved fully forward, then spray both mold halves with light rust preventive lubricant (like WD-40).  Retract ejector system and close the mold.

5.  Check and assure all bolts, plates, etc. are in place and tight.

6.  Bag the last shot as an example of the typical quality of this run and store these parts with the mold.

This method is suitable for a variety of mold type. including Automotive plastic Mold and others.


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