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How should we choose the right steel for building mold?

Here is one simple suggestion on this question based on our experience. Select the steel according to the functional of parts :

1.For mold base 、 positioning component : 45#、S45C、S55 etc.

2.For guide spare parts, reset parts and drive components : T8、T8A、T10、T10A、SKD61、SKH51、SK3、SUJ2

3.For Shaped parts : perhardened steel would be good choice. Such as P20、P5、NAK55、NAK80、738、718、420.

4.For cooling parts , choices including aluminum alloy steel, brass, red bronze, BeCu and pure copper.

Steel Charateritics

But most of the times, we still need to take production and steel characteristics into consideration given the complicated design and mold structure.We also supply plastic mold, gas assist mold, two shot mould and so on.

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