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A Funny APP - WeChat

Maybe you had tried WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Facebook, Twitter & etc. Have you heard of WeChat, a funny APP which has more than 1,200 million users ! Here WIT MOLD - a plastic injection mold maker will introduce it to you.

Why SO MANY PEOPLE will use it ?

· make single & multi-people voice and video call for free !

· translate more than 20 kinds of language when chatting with global friends !

· type words or just send voice message &record videos to your friends !

· GIF, RPG, PDF, EXL, WORD and etc. files can be sent between your phone, your personal computer and your friends in high !

· make friends with the strangers who living nearby more easier.

· call a taxi, order take-out, do Mobile Top Up, or make hotel reservations.

· pay your bills by WeChat, you can……………………I skip thousands of words !

Have you tried a funny APP like WeChat ? If no, just go to get one.

BTW, below is our company's interaction QR code, please feel free to use your WeChat to scan the code and follow us to know our dynamic news.

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