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Non-cash development in china

Nowadays Chinese are rushing to embrace the commercial use of mobile payment technology, attempting to realize the Non-cash society in advance. It seems that a mobile with you outside could help you solve most of things in life. For example, with mobile payment, you can ask for a taxi in advance ; In the hotel, you can easily experience free deposit accommodation via alipay; In the supermarket, you could choose wechat or alipay in the cell to finish the payment.

Custom Injection Mould

According to the rearch, the mobile payment market of china has reach to 5,500 billions dollars last year, which is far ahead of the rest of the world. By the end of 2016, Alipay holds 54% market shares and 37% for wechat. Even though western people take cautious approach for fear of privacy-conscious , the mobile payment is bringing real benefit to people.

Owing to the development, you also can pay your order about custom injection mould via Alipay.

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