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The value of product

Do you know the real value of product? Why is our custom mould popular among people? Let me tell you a story about Qi Bai Shi.

Injection Mold Maker

Qi Bai Shi's authentic paintings are invaluable, there was a story of him.

Qi Bai Shi asked: "how much is this a basket shrimp?"

Greengrocer said: "50 RMB"

Qi Bai Shi, said: "I use my this painting of shrimp, exchange a basket of shrimp of yours?"

Greengrocer angrily say: "you this old man have something wrong with your brain, take your false shrimp to exchange my true shrimp!"

(this story tells us: For a customer who doesn't understand the value of your product, any price is high)

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