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Injection mold of 3D surface model is the technical difficulties

Type in the manufacture of injection molds, 3D surface processing has always been a key,is also a difficulty.As early as in the traditional processing, type 3D surface has been made a lot of training to achieve, so that it will be affect the quality of the mould and processing effect.If can type surface 3 d modeling and nc machining

technology, so that can improve the work efficiency and quality of mould.Injection mould type surface 3 d modelling and numerical control processing technology is an indispensable part of modern mold production, is also cad/CAM technology applied in the mold production.

For injection mould type surface modelling and nc machining technology, has important theoretical and realistic significance.Injection mould, such as: small speakers front panel convex-concave shape is complex, modelling is difficult, the traditional processing and even difficult to achieve, even if also can not guarantee the accuracy, can be implemented machining efficiency.


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