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A Successful Plastic Injection Mold for Fuel Pump ​component on Automobile

WIT Mold has just successfully built a 4-cavity plastic injection mold for a German customer. The plastic mold part is a component for automobile fuel pump. The part material is POM, and the part weight is 19 grams. The mold size is 790*500*505mm, and its weight is 800 kg.

There is a barb feature surrounded by a circular wall, the tight space makes it unfeasible to form this barb by traditional slide or lifter. WIT Mold designed custom expandable cavity for this feature. The untilization of expandable cavity provided solution for releasing undercut in a tight space area.

4 latch locks of Strack brand are installed on the sides of the mold. They provide stable actions in sequenced mold opening and closing.

Components for automobile fuel pump mold are high precision parts. For this part, all the dimensions listed on the part print need to be in specification. Because of the large range of shrinkage rate of POM, it is not easy to make accurate dimensions on a POM part. How ever, with high precision measuring equipments and rich experience, WIT Mold overcame these challenges. Our customer approved the samples of the 2nd trial.

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Plastic Injection Mold for Fuel Pump Component on Automobile

Injection Molded Plastic Part for Automobile Fuel Pump


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