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Family mold in plastic mold, the reason is what affects the size precision plastic parts

According to the size of the production capacity, product structure, to determine the appropriate number of cavities, more cavities, precision molds, processing difficulty, the higher the cost of the mold. However, injection molding unit price will decline.

Impact of multi-cavity Dimensions factors:

1. precision mold machining. For example, the discharge cavity, each cavity is a discharge, if the discharge process control is not good, there will be the size of the cavity bias.

2. the mold assembly precision. Because of the internal structure of the assembly causes the position deviation.

3. mold design factors, such as the flow channel design is reasonable, into the plastic is uniform, unreasonable runner nozzle chamber so close to advanced gum, gum away from the backward because contraction inconsistent, pressure conditions also lead to inconsistent dimensions appear deviations. Into the plastic mouth diameter size will cause the size of the deviation.

4. mold waterway design is unreasonable, in each cavity layout should be uniform cooling water, if it is unreasonable to different temperatures in different parts of the mold, resulting in shrinkage is different, so the size of the deviation.

In short, family mold problems are basically the size of a deviation in the mold. Injection molding process has little effect.


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