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Plastic mold for the automobile industry analysis

Development direction of the world's automotive technology is lightweight materials and environmental protection, reduce vehicle weight is considered to be one of the most effective measures to reduce vehicle emissions and improve combustion efficiency. In car products, for example, its weight is reduced by 10% to 6% -8% fuel savings and reduce emissions by about 4% 9. In the automotive weight reduction process, the plastic is widely considered one of the most ideal alternative materials. Plastic parts, in addition reduce vehicle weight, but also reduce the friction between the transmission member, to improve wear resistance, reducing the number of parts and reduce the processing power consumption while increasing vehicle safety, comfort and seal sex.

According to the China Die & Mould Industry Association data, in 2012, China and travel matching the types of plastic products reached about 200 million tons, with an average market price estimates, up to hundreds of billions worth of these products. At present, more than 90% of automotive plastic parts are produced by plastic mold. The rapid development of the automotive industry for products and related plastic injection mold products offer a more significant market space.

Currently, the average amount of plastic in developed countries reached 150 kg per vehicle is expected to further increase in 2020 to about 500 kg / vehicle. However, our current average amount of plastic per vehicle only about 100 kg, compared with developed countries is still very significant growth. According to the State Council, "energy-saving and new energy automotive industry development plan (2012-2020)", China's automobile industry in the coming years will be applied lightweight materials for automotive products as an important technical direction to achieve comprehensive status decline in fuel consumption. Accordingly expected in the next few years, China's auto industry will be further improved plasticizing rate will increase accuracy, high stability of the demand for injection molding products. One low pressure injection molds, pressure injection mold, slush mold, foam mold, mold and other high-end rapid verification mold products will be faced with good opportunities for development.


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