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Rapid development of heavy industry Mold production scale up

Mold is a basis for industrial production technology and equipment, known as "the mother of industry." 75% of the rough parts of industrial products, 50% of the finished parts from the molding. As the national economy's basic industries, mold involved in machinery, automobiles, light industry, electronics, chemicals, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, a very wide range of applications. The rapid development of heavy industry, especially the automotive industry and the development of IT industry, stimulating the rapid growth of China's mold industry, mold quality improvement, sophisticated mold manufacturing equipment for the technological level of China's mold industry to enhance the provision of a guarantee.

WIT Mold limited is a professional mold maker located in the south of China. we specialize in making different kinds of injection molds for exporting worldwide, including:

Common custom plastic molds

High precision molds

High Cavitation Injection Molds

Large size molds

Two Shot Molds

Unscrewing Molds

Gas Assist Molds

Die Casting tools


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