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China will Extract Biological Plastic from Waste Oil

Chinese company is importing a technology from Czechoslovakia, which will utilize the huge resource of waste oil in China to produce polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). PHA can be manufactured into environment-friendly food grade packaging material.
Recently, Jiansu Clean Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. and Nafigate, a Czechoslovakian company signed a cooperating agreement, for commercializing Hydal technology which is developed by the team of Professor Ivana Marov from Brno University of Technology.
Nafigate is not willing to disclose the number of investment and future sales. But according to the report from Suzhou Daily, once the project starts production, the annual capacity is 15,000 tons PHA, and the annual sales is about RMB 520 million Yuan.
1 ton waste oil can be converted to 0.6 ton PHA. Comparing to producing biological diesel oil from waste oil, the economical benefit is increased RMB12,000 Yuan/ton, and the social benefit is even greater.
After being buried in soil, PHA can degrade completely in about half a year, while common plastic takes more than 100 years to degrade.
From 2015, PHA produced by the method of using food as raw material will be banned by European union      , so waste oil become the best raw material for production. Ladislav Mares, the president of Nafigate, says that "Unlike the competitors, our solution does not need the resource from food chain. We do not consume corn or sugar, thus protect the food of human beings."

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