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Auto Bracket

Part function: Bracket

Part Size: 334.9 X 342.6 X 259.9mm

Tool Size: 600 X 1000 X 759mm

Part material: GMW16826P PP+EPDM-M12-T2 ADX2343

Insert steel: H13

Cav. QTY: 1+1

Automotive Injection Mold,Motor Unscrewing Mold

Part function: Automotive Components

Part Size: 210X210X55mm

Tool Size: 550X550X590mm

Part material: PA66+33GF

Insert steel: 1.2344

Cav. QTY: 1X1

Automobile Inner Decoration and Structure Plastic Mould

Part function: Automotive component

Part Size: 250X170X100mm

Tool Size: 900X600X550mm

Part material: PP+EPPM

Insert steel: LKM738H

Cav. QTY: 1X2


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